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Find A Safe Haven for Artistic Exploration and Play!

Creating Art is incredibly rewarding but for many of us, it can trigger the fear of 
- The blank canvas 
- Making Mistakes 
- Wasting Supplies and... the list goes on.

The Grateful Palette Community allows you to experiment and refine your skills freely through explorations in art journaling, unique collage papers and painting techniques.

Whether you're seeking inspiration, knowledge or camaraderie, this is your haven

So, rediscover your creativity in the company of a kindred online community that exudes joy, gratitude, and sheer delight!

Monthly Themes, Color schemes, Printables & Gratitude Quotes 

Unique Painting Techniques & Collage Papers

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 The "Grateful Palette"community is for you because... 

You Crave Artistic Expression.

* You’re looking for Guided Support & Feedback. 

* You Want Bite-Sized Learning.

* You Want to Art Journal with ease and maybe take it to the next level. 

* You want to explore new mediums, materials & skills.

* You Seek Joyful Connection with other Creatives.



Does this sound like you? 

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Join the "Grateful Palette" Community & receive:


* Monthly Themes & PDF Printables: Immerse yourself in a new theme/ technique each month, designed to deepen and ignite your creative inspiration.

* Easy-to-Follow Video Lessons: New exclusive video tutorials posted every month. Also enjoy access to a vast library of  recorded bite sized video lessons to get you started. 

* Demos: Follow along with me as I take our Art Journal findings and translate them to Paintings on Paper, canvas & board each month.

* Monthly Live Sessions: Join a live interactive session with artist Alison Wells on Zoom. Get your questions answered, receive feedback and create together.

* Community Interaction: Access to a private Facebook group. Engage with a supportive community of fellow artists and share your progress, insights & creative journeys together. 

* Tangible Results: Witness the evolution of your work. See how mixed media techniques transform your art journal spreads into mini works of art and beyond. 



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Mixed Media Art Journal ideas to get your creativity flowing.


Monthly Demos: From Art Journal Pages to Paintings



Originally from Trinidad & Tobago, Alison Wells relocated to the South Coast of Massachusetts in 2004, to pursue a Masters Degree in Fine Art Painting and Art Education at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Alison’s paintings have been exhibited in galleries and museums internationally and her works are part of private, public and corporate collections.

In 2014 she opened her very own Art Gallery in historic downtown New Bedford MA. There she showcases her paintings, features guest artists and hosts In-Person Art workshops throughout the year. Wells has also expanded her teaching into the on-line space where she hosts a growing Art Membership and other online offerings.

Alison’s artwork has been featured in several publications such as Harvard Magazine, Art New England, the Boston Globe, Artscope and South Coast Almanac to name a few.

Alison Wells lives and works as a full time Artist, Art Educator and Gallerist in New Bedford Massachusetts.



Frequently Asked Questions

What Supplies Do I Need?

I provide a Supplies list in the hub but I'm a strong believer in 'use what you have' at first. Then as you keep exploring you can add more of the materials you are drawn to.

Is there a community to ask questions and communicate with each other?

Yes in the hub under every video you can leave comments and ask questions. Also we have a private FaceBook page where you can post images of your work and receive support and encouragement from myself and other community members.

How will I be billed & can I cancel at any time?

Your "Grateful Palette Community" subscription is billed every month and yes you are free to cancel at anytime. You will have access to the hub until that last paid month comes to an end.

If I cancel will I still have access to everything in the hub?

The way many memberships work (including this one) while you are a subscribed and paying member, you have FULL access to all materials in the hub. Once you cancel, you no longer have access. 

Can I watch the video tutorials more than once?

Definitely! You can watch the video tutorials and the zoom recordings as often as you like. This is for as long as you are a subscribed/paying member of the "Grateful Palette Community"

Do you have another Question?

Feel free to reach out to me at: Admin@alisonwells.com

Kind Words from my students!

Alison Wells Art

Alison is very gracious. She is great with encouraging her students which in turn brings out the artist hiding inside them.

Alison Wells Art

Alison and her tutorials are so encouraging and inspiring. Alison is such an amazing teacher, that creates and teaches from her heart. She has helped me so much in my Gratitude Art journal journey! I'm so grateful.

Alison Wells Art

Excellent instruction. Safe place to be creative. Alison is warm, professional and clear with instruction. It is also fun.

Alison Wells Art

I feel more comfortable to continue Mixed Media and use the materials
I've accumulated

Ready to join a supportive community, where Mixed Media, Gratitude, and Creativity intersect for just $27/Month?

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